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ZentorgA central vacuum units

just make sense

ZentorgA Hercules
ZentorgA Tornado



suction power
712 air watt
air volume
230 m³/h
engine power
1800 Watt
dirt reservoir
up to 50l 
air speed
75 mph
suitable for any size of living space

Brilliant power.
Brilliant performance.

The ZentorgA high performance tangential motor with separate air cooling provides maximum power with low energy consumption. Because of the additional sound insulation the noise level is noticeable reduced.

1800 Watt

engine power

712 air watt

suction power


The smart control unit

The ZentorgA suction control offers unique and innovative advantages over conventional providers.

The soft start protects the high performance motor and greatly prolongs its service life. In the event of overheating, the electronics switch off the central vacuum unit fully automatically in order to prevent any damage.

Soft start

overload protection

Speed control (optional)


Unique safty features.

The amazing safety features of ZentorgA central vacuum units provide maximum protection. The carbon brush dust collection collects the abrasion of the carbon brushes and keeps so the engine free of dirt.


The filter protection housing protects the filter against damage caused by solid particles which were sucked in.

Dust collection

made of aluminium

Filter protection

made of aluminium


The size is what matters.

The dirt reservoirs of the ZentorgA central vacuum units offer enough space, so only 1-2 times a year (depending on the application) the emptying is necessary. The aluminum funnel is used to better feed the dirt into the reservoir.

50 Liter


30 Liter



It is that easy.

The mounting types of the ZentrogA central vacuum units convince with their simplicity and quality.

The twist lock of the dirt reservoir can be quickly opened and closed without any effort. To attach, the central vacuum unit is easy mounted with its holder in the mounting plate on the wall.

Stainless steel



Made for everywhere.

All housing components are made of powder-coated aluminum. This results in a higher-quality appearance than with conventional providers. In addition, the aluminum material promotes the durability and robustness of the central vacuum unit.



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