Clean air inside your home

With a ZentorgA central vacuum system the micro dust particles are not distributed in the living area as it would be with conventional vacuum cleaners. They are 100% discharged to the oustide!Furthermore, there are also no air turbulences. It is the ideal solution for people with allergies and asthma problems.

No noise pollution

The central vaccum unit is mainly installed in the basement area, so there is no direct noise when vacuuming. This gives many opportunities to do other things by the way such as making a phone call or listening to music.

Easy handling

Thanks to the big and versatile range of ZentorgA vacuum accessories which makes operating your system a child´s play. With our extraordinary hose depot the feathering and the rolling up of the suction hose is eliminated!

No loss of suction power

All of our central vacuum units are equipped with a large-scale washable lamellar filter. This special filter is protected by a protective housing and by a centrifugal separator with funnel. As a result, the rough dirt does not get to the filter and therefore it can not be damaged. Another benefit is that the suction power remains constant.

Made in Austria

All ZentorgA products are manufactured exclusively in Austria. Set trust in our many years of experience and Austrian workmanship.

No bag change

Our central vacuum units have no dust bags. As a result, the ongoing high costs can be saved.


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