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The hose depot.

The best solution for you

vac-in. Das Schlauchdepot
accessories always near you
fully automatic hose intake
unique worldwide
just practical

The ultimative comparison

vac-in hose depot, developed, designed and manufactured in Austria


Violation of the VDI directive!

Irresponsible is the construction of a straight entrance of the hose without handle and without 90° short safety elbow into the pipe system.
There is no safety factor in front of the pipe system. Long parts can get into the pipe system, can block it or even make it unusable.
Therefore vac-in ist the only retractable hose system approved according to VDI* standard.
*the norm of the Association of German Engineers 4907.

Safety first!

Our vac-in hose depot has a 90° short safety elbow as well as a safety T-piece. Therefore our hose system is approved according to VDI directive. It is impossible that the pipe system can clog!


Where to go with the accessories?

Behind the flap is nothing except an open hose! It is laborious to get the accessories somewhere and stow them away again. It is difficult to pull the hose out of the small box and mount the handle. While the hose is being pulled out, the telescopic rod brought along with the handle usually falls over. Therefore it is often then “sucked” only with the hose (with deeply bent back). But be aware: large or long parts that disappear in the hose, fly freely into the pipe system, can lead to blockages on the first tight elbow in the pipe system and in certain circumstances make the system unusable.

Accessories always at hand!

Behind the vac-in door you will find a complete suction equipment. Hose with on-off switch on the handle, 3-in-1 nozzle integrated in the handle and the telescopic rod.


No flexibility!

he hose must always be locked to suck. If then moved out too little, you have to go back to the wall, unlock, continue to pull out, lock, then only suck on again. This is very user-unfriendly.

Easy handling!

The vac-in hose pull-in / pull-out is based on softpull technology. It can be used in any length, at any point without annoying mechanical “locking”. The retraction is easily and conveniently by closing the suction port on the handle.


fix installed hose =  impractical and expensive!

The hose can not be used outside the hose retraction pipe. That is, often 15 meters long hoses are installed. As long as hoses are very hard to pull out and unwieldy! If more than 10 meters are pulled out, there is a large hose on the ground before unlocking, which is difficult to control when pulling in. For larger areas or more floors additional retractable hose systems or additional hoses are required. In the end very expensive.

Removeable hose!

Only with vac-in: The hose can be completely pulled out of the pipe. This opens up completely new perspectives for planning.
It can be used throughout the house for the big “Saturday cleaning” like a “normal” central vacuum system. We recommend hose lengths of 8 to 10 meters for optimum hose handling.


Dirty everywhere!

The conventional retractable hose system is behind an up or down opening flap. When opening, the finger joints have wall contact.
The wall gets torn and dirty over time. Opening downwards, the flap hits the wall inadvertently.

Inconspicuous and simple!

The vac-in is closed by a convenient, smooth-running plastic door (left or right opening).


Luxury only for extra charge!

The standard offer has a on/off-switch in the wall. A wireless handle is only optional at a considerable additional cost. Wireless connection has only a few disadvantages with the central vacuum cleaner. Range limitation. Battery consumption.

Luxury for everyone!

When used by hose extension with slide switch in the box. For external use of the hose with on / off switch on the handle, via low volt wiring as proven for decades.


Outdated hose technology!

The hose is covered with a knitted hose sock. This “sweater” gets dirty very quickly on the floor because it attracts dust and lint. Removing and covering for washing is not possible with this system. The hose is very difficult to pull out of the retraction pipe because of great frictional resistance – the suppliers themselves warn in their installation instructions: “For 12-metre-long hoses, only 3 large bends may be installed, otherwise the hose will be too heavy to pull out of the retraction pipe.” With only 3 bends the straight stretches are infinitely long and very difficult to install, very difficult!

The other hose technology is a hard-hitting PVC hose without knitted sock. Damaged furniture and floors are preprogrammed!

The latest hose technology!

The vac-in hose has optimum sliding properties thanks to a smooth, wear-free, firmly braided special braid cover (tested for 40,000 retracting and pulling out cycles). The smooth braid offers little adhesion of dust and lint.
The hose can be easily wiped with a damp cloth if necessary. Even 12-metre-long and longer hoses slide easily out of the hose depot. Also 5 hose depot bends are possible without further ado.


Only suitable for oversized central vacuum units!

Only expensive, strong units (recommended 2-motor devices with an unreasonably high power consumption today) can overcome the very high frictional resistance of the drawn on the hose “knitted hose sock”.

Free choise of central vacuum units!

The outstanding lubricity of the vac-in hose means that the hose can be comfortably operated with any type of central vacuum units!



From the hose start it goes directly without any precaution in the pipe system into direction of suction. This allows the system to block at
one of the tight elbows, which are installed in the course of the pipe system. Since the area of the hose intake is not reversible, the system
may in certain circumstances become unusable.


High safety!

The hose retraction pipe is reversible from both sides, as both pipe openings are located in the wall box and are accessible. 100% safety is guaranteed on the one hand by the safety tee-piece according to VDI = Association of German Engineers guidelines 4709 and on the other by the fact that both pipe ends are in the vac-in box. If necessary, the “ring line” could be cleaned with paper kitchen towels.
Only a reversible hose retraction pipe provides 100% safety.

Trust in our 15 years of experience in the hose depot segment! Convince yourself as well as our many satisfied customers.

Discover vac-in!

The world's best and most unique hose retraction system for easy handling of your central vacuum system. In addition, vac-in is the only VDI-approved system!
vac-in. Das Schlauchdepot.

vac-in. Das Schlauchdepot.

Jetzt ansehen
Made in


With vac-in the hose depot you experience the new

way to clean your living space. Stop the annoying

carring of suction hoses and cleaning accessories.

Indispensable for central vacuum systems nowadays!


The vac-in hose depot is placed centrally in the living area. All necessary suction pipes are concealed in the wall. Therefore, you always have your central vacuum cleaner nearby and it is always ready!

Always at hand!

With vac-in the suction hose with all its cleaning equipment is simply stowed away in the wall and always at hand. The hose depot can hold up to 15 meters of hose.


It really can not be easier or more comfortable. The suction nozzles are stowed directly in the handle garage and can only be replaced with a single movement. Further brushes and the telescopic rod are also stored in the hose depot behind the door.

simple and thought-out:

The structure

vac-in Aufbau
screed and underfloor heating
Leveling fill/ installation level
unfinished floor/ concrete ceiling
pipe for suction hose storing
vac-in installation box - flush mounted
storage tube for telescopic rod -
flush mounted
suction pipe to the central vacuum unit
universal and versatile:

The installation variants

Depending on your house, there are several possibilities to install the vac-in hose  depot. The following picture shows the four most common variants with corresponding stem dimensions.

The direction of the pipe for hose storing is freely selectable, that means this pipe can be laid freely depending on the available space and so it can be easily adapted to the local conditions. If necessary, the pipe for hose storing can be changed to any shape with additional bends and pipes.

In short, it means that the storing pipe does not necessarily have to take the form of a "loop"! Any shape is feasible ("circle, rectangle, polygon, etc.")

unique and simple:

The function

vac-in Funktionsweise









pipe for hose storing


end of the hose storing pipe with cap for possible revision of the hose storing pipe


sliding outlet after the safety teepiece. The hose storing pipe is secured at the end with a security teepiece. Moreover, it is reversible, since beginning and end are inside the vac-in box. For example, if necessary a cleaning with paper kitchen towels is possible.

slides to open the hose retraction pipe with On/Off switching automatic


intecrated vacuum socket


 90° short safety elbow (mandatory according to German VDI = the norm of the Association of German Engineers 4709-5.2.2), suction pipe to the central vacuum unit


flush-mounted installation box with door for storing the handle and nozzles


flush-mounted storage tube for telescopic rod


ZentorgA Superpremium Schlauch


ALWAYS use the super-premium hose for the vac-in hose depot!

The Superpremium hose set impresses with high quality workmanship and extensive accessories.


The unique fabric cover provides no liability for dust and lint. If necessary, the hose can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.


The handle has a kink protection at the transition to the hose and on the bottom of the handle the suction force can be adjusted with a regulator. The switch for switching on and off is also positioned on the top of the handle.


With the multifunctional accessories housed in the handle you are always prepared for all eventualities.




1x hose with fabric cover

     available lengths:

  • 9m

  • 10,5m

  • 12m

  • 13,5m

  • 15m

1x multifunctional accessories consisting of:

  • ​upholstery nozzle

  • dusting brush

  • crevice nozzle

1x stainless steel telescopic rod

1x floor combination nozzle

valuable and extensive:

The scope of delivery

vac-in Lieferumfang

(1) 1x mounting box with sliding outlet
(2) 1x plaster cover
(3) 1x door (225 x 320 mm)
(4) 1x storage tube for telescopic rod
(5) 1x design vacuum socket
(6) 4x extra long 90° bows
(7) 8x pipe coupling with stop
(8) 10x PVC pipe 50,8 x 1500 mm

conventional retractable hose systems from the USA or its copies from Canada and Italy (originating in China)

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